[512GB M.2 SSD Version] GPD MicroPC Micro PC 6-inch Handheld Industry Laptop Mini PC Computer Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu MATE,Supports RS-232,RJ45,Type C,USB 3.0,HDMI,MicroSDXC,Battery 2×3100mAh,8GB RAM

Price: $689.99
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Product Description

GPD Pocket 2GPD Pocket 2

What is GPD Micro PC ?

GPD MicroPC is a handheld mini Laptop developed and designed by GPD company for industry professionals and various mobile scenarios.It only weighs 440g which has many interfaces.It can perfectly replace traditional notebooks for people that work in the communication,electric power,exploration,mining, archaeology,education training,manufacturing,service chain,call center,business services,public institutions,government military and many more fields.

This is what GPD MicroPC offers for you:

GPD Micro PCGPD Micro PC

Features of 512GB Version GPD MicroPC:

Compatible for IT fields and more with its rugged exterior: Network communication,electric power,exploration,mining,archaeology,education training, manufacturing,service chain,call center,business services,public institution,government military and many more;Strong Performance with Ultra Low Power Consumption: Intel N4100 processor, four cores, four threads, and thermal design of 10W;512GB super capacity M.2 SSD for fast read and write speed (read:576MB/s, write: 465MB/s), replaceable,and infinite capacity expansion;RJ45 interface for wired network access,and wireless Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G dual bands and BT 4.2 for dual-channel max. transfer rate of 433Mbps;Built-in one RS-232 serial interface,widely used in industrial control and automation;Three USB 3.0 interfaces to maximize extended USB devices;One full-featured Type C charging interface for audio,video and data transmission;One microSDXC slot for manual backup or migration of data in a network-free environment;Touchpad with left and right buttons,as well as all the left,middle and right buttons on the left-side mouse,a familiar operation allowing users to get started immediately;QWERTY keyboard with a backlit design to meet the emergency needs at night,or in no light or dim light;Active cooling design and PC-level cooling solution;Two copper nuts embedded on the back for fixation in various complex environments;Power indicator, dormancy indicator and RJ45 indicator to keep abreast of the machine at any time;User-friendly lanyard hole,gifted with a lanyard that can carry 4kg;

GPD Micro PC

GPD Micro PC

GPD MicroPC Micro PC

GPD MicroPC Micro PC

GPD Micro PC

GPD Micro PC

Built-in Windows 10 Pro,Support Ubuntu MATE 18.10

The much-maligned Windows 10 Home is abandoned,and instead,MicroPC will have Windows 10 Pro to give users a new experience!

Furthermore,under the strategic cooperation with Ubuntu MATE,MicroPC will support Ubuntu MATE 18.10.

At that time,you may download the Ubuntu MATE 18.10 firmware on the GPD official website.The shipped machine defaults to Windows 10 Pro.

6″ HD WCD Screen (not touch screen)

Its 6” high definition (HD) wide color gamut (WCG) screen(not touch screen),with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 has a vividly colorful,natural,smooth and visible effect. With the 178° view,users can obtain an excellent visual experience at any angle. With 1280×720 resolution and 3000: 1 static contrast,it displays dedicate and bright colors.The rotatable axis supports stepless adjustment for the maximum stretch of 150°.

Impact-resistant ABS Synthetic Resin Shell

The anti-shock aviation-level ABS synthetic resin LG-DOW 121H is imported from South Korea, with a thick thickness of 1mm,which is flame retardant, high-heat resistant,and V-0 fireproof, with a Rockwell hardness up to 109 R,and bending strength up to 26000kg/cm2.Its integrity rate reaches 97.63% under the 1.5m drop test.

GPD Micro PC

GPD Micro PC

Active Cooling Design

Active Cooling Design

GPD Micro PC

GPD Micro PC

Integrated QWERTY Keyboard,Touchpad and 3D mouse

A QWERTY keyboard,touchpad,and 3D mouse are integrated into the C face,which is only 15×9cm in size.The metallic film button is wedge-shaped designed,which is more ergonomic and provides an excellent experience for finger pressing.

The QWERTY keyboard is backlit to meet the emergency need at night,or in no light or dim light.

The keyboard layout is more reasonable.You may complete all operation with your left thumb in case of only number inputs.

MicroPC has a built-in touchpad with a larger operable area,while also supporting the left and right buttons of the touchpad.In this way, the cursor is slide more accurately through right thumb.

The upper left corner of the C face is the left, middle,and right mouse button,with an appropriate width to assure an unfettered operation.

The power key is recessed to avoid accidental touch.It is extremely convenient to turn on/off the machine by holding it in the left hand.

The fan switch is centered,and the On/Off states are clearly identifiable

Active Cooling Design,Comparison of SSD read/Write Speed

It applies the PC-level cooling solution with the active cooling design and high-power turbofan. MicroPC demonstrates better overall performance than the passively cooled Microsoft Surface Go.

512GB Version MicroPC’s built-in M.2 interface,together with the standard 256GB SSD for M.2 2242 interface,can expand the large-capacity SSD infinitely.The hard disk is tested with CrystalDiskMark for continuous reading and writing,and the result shows 576MB/s read rate and 465MB/s written rate.Its write rate is obviously higher than the Microsoft Surface Go 64GB and 128GB versions.Additionally,the read/write speed of MicroPC is more balanced while the write speed of Microsoft Surface Go is evidently lower.

Extensible for more peripherals

Extensible for more peripherals

Three USB 3.0 interfaces and one Micro SD slot support up to 4 external storage devices and infinite storage.It is possible to extend more peripherals through the Hub.

I/O Port:

3 × USB 3.0 Type A; 1x USB 3.0 Type-C;1x RS-232,1x Rj45;1x Micro HDMI 2.0,1x Micro SDXC Slot,1x 3.5 mm Headphone & Microphone Combination.

GPD Micro PC


GPD Micro PC’s Other Features

A multi-interface mobile productivity tool.

Microsoft Surface Go is so small,lightweight, and affordable that it has been dubbed as the iPad 6 killer.However,6″ MicroPC is not only smaller than Surface Go but also has more interfaces.The palm-sized MicroPC is only 15mm in the thinnest part,weighs 440g and consumes only 10W for the thermal design,but its performance is as good as Microsoft Surface Go on a lower cost.MicroPC is a mobile productivity tool suitable for each and every industry!

Two Copper nuts embedded on the back

Two copper nuts (suitable for 2.5mm-diameter screws) are embedded on the back for fixing the machine in various complex environments.You can attach it to any rotatable hanger,stand,lift,tray,bracket,etc.

RS-232 interface and RJ45 wired network access

The RS-232 serial port is widely used in industrial instrumentation, mouse,keyboard,printer,etc.Or go to RS-485 from RS-232 to achieve the data communication at 1200m and100Kbps.

MicroPC has built-in Gigabit NIC, and it supports wired network access through RJ45 interface for the maximum download speed of 125MB/s.

Support for Mobile Power Charging

MicroPC supports PD 2.0-based fast charging,which can fill half the battery in 30 minutes.It also supports all 5V/3A-based mobile phone chargers and portable power source.Therefore,a charger can be shared between the MicroPC and the mobile phone.You can easily find the charging source at the airport or coffee shop (5V/3A charging output standard is available in most places).

GPD MicroPC’s CPU:Intel Celeron N4100, GPU:Intel UHD Graphics 600;
Screen: 6 Inches Gorilla Glass 4, Sharp full-fit dazzling screen.Resolution:1280×720,Aspect ratio: 16:9;
I/O: 3x USB 3.0 Type-A; 1x USB 3.0 Type-C; 1x RS-232,1x Rj45;1x Micro HDMI 2.0,1x Micro SDXC Slot,1x 3.5 mm Headphone & Microphone Combination;
WI-FI:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible,Wired LAN:10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet card,Compatible with BT 4.2;
RAM/ LPDDR4 8GB,ROM/ 512 GB M.2 SSD, infinite capacity expansion,Dimension 153×113×23.5mm,Weight 440g;