Bangladesh vs India Cyber War – Times of India Report !!

In February 2012, Bangladesh Declared Cyber War against India on the Protest of Unjust Border Killings By Indian BSF and Indian Cyber Warriors accepted the Challenge. Within 3-4 Days Bangladeshi Cyber Warriors Hacked and Damaged more than 20,000 Indian Sites Including the Websites of BSF, Trinamool Congress of West Bengal, Popular Indian Stock Tips and Many More Sites. On the Response, Indian Cyber Warriors managed to Hack some 400 Bangladeshi Sites. According the The Indian Newspaper ‘Deccan Chronicle’ Indian Cyber Space has been Struck Massively during this Bangladeshi Cyber Attack, Finally Indian Cyber Warrior Group ‘Ashell’ Left Away Keeping Their Cyber Space Under Attack and India Acknowledged their ‘Defeat’ in this Cyber War.

This the First Ever Direct Cyber War Between Any Two Country in the World within the Cyber History, and of Course Bangladesh is the First ‘Cyber Victor’ Over its Opponent.


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