Discovery SMR Training Video | 7 – Metal Differentiation

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Discovery SMR, the latest technology in gold and metal detection, the first device of its kind that combines two detection systems: the 3D imaging system and the geological-electrical system based on soil resistivity.
The device is the new generation of hybrid metal detectors that allows prospectors and treasures hunters to reach depths of up to 25 meters with the ability to know the locations of burials and gold treasures and even underground cavities such as tunnels and caves with the ability to display results directly on its screen without the need for an external computer or tablet.
Discover SMR features:
– 5 modes 3D scanning system for various underground scanning applications
– 2 search modes for the geological – electrical system
– Displaying the scan results in the form of three-dimensional graphics in different colors that accurately represent the composition of the ground and the buried targets in the search area
– Built-in color screen to display results directly without the need for a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone
– Conducting detailed analysis easily through the built-in analytical device program in order to know the positions, shapes and sizes of all buried targets, their type and depth
– Detection of voids, cavities and tunnels using an innovative hybrid technology that depends on a geological – electrical system related to measuring soil resistance
– Multilingual program which can be customized, such as lighting settings, data analysis and search settings

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