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Fuller Brush 17027 Carpet & Floor Sweeper- Mini Stick Cleaner For Hardwood Surfaces, Wood Floors, Laminate, Tile- Small & Portable For The Home Or Office – Cleans Dust Pet Hair- Electrostatic & Silent

Price: $79.99
(as of Oct 14,2021 08:41:12 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Fuller Brush Fuller Brush


Thorough Clean-Ups Have Never Been Easier. Discover The Small Electrostatic Sweeper That Will Quietly Pick Up Everything In Its Path And Leave Your Space Sparkling Clean In A Breeze!

Whether it’s your favorite kilim rugs, low pile carpets, hardwood, tile, wood or laminate floors, the Fuller Brush carpet and floor sweeper will leave them sparkling clean faster and more easily than you have ever imagined!

Perfect for quick touch-ups for the home, office, restaurant and more, this intelligent, electrostatic sweeper acts like a magnet as soon as it gets in contact with any surface and instantly collects all dirt, crumbs, glass, dust, pet hair and other debris, making your life easier than ever. Here’s how:

· Reversible cleaning power using electrostatic charge to gather up dirt

· Multi-surface cleaner

· Lightweight, compact and fully portable design

· Silent with soft vinyl bumper that protects your furniture

· Super easy to empty – no need for bags

· Indestructible metal housing that is sure to last you a really long time

· Adjustable handle for easy access underneath the furniture

· No messy cords and no electricity needed

· Includes cleaning comb

Perfect exactly when you need them, without making a fuss, our silent sweeper is easy to keep close at hand and ready to use at any time!

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper.







Pet Owners Rejoice! The Ultimate Solution To Pet Hair Is Here.

Created with the needs of pet owners in mind as well, this small carpet and floor sweeper will help you get rid of unwanted dog or cat hair easily and fast. Its bristle corner brushes trap all dirt and hair leaving your surfaces clean at all times.

Cleaning For Night Owls -Sweep Your Floors Anytime!

How often have you wanted to clean a small mess in the kitchen or the bedroom but had to postpone it till next morning? Thanks to its absolutely silent operation, our sweeper is perfect for using anywhere you like, anytime you like it, even in the middle of the night!

Push, Shake, Voila!

Specially designed to make your daily life easier than ever, our efficient and powerful floor sweeper is also extremely easy to empty. Simply push on the edges of the dual bin and empty it over your garbage by giving it a light shake. All the dirt, hair or debris from your floor is now in your trash.


The Small, Mighty Giant That Will Make You Forgo Your Vacuum Cleaner!

Although convenient, vacuum cleaners have their disadvantages. Most are too heavy and too difficult to maneuver around the house, not to mention super noisy! But with this mini, electrostatic stick cleaner you can now clean any surface in a single move and forget about all of that. Bagless, compact, lightweight and with an adjustable handle that makes sweeping under furniture a breeze, you are sure to fall in love with it from day one!

Fuller Brush – Providing The Ultimate, Modern Remedies For Today’s Cleaning Needs With 114 Years Of Expertise!

With 114 years of experience in creating, we at Fuller Brush, are dedicated to providing outstanding products with unmatched quality every single time.

Focused on meeting your needs and offering products of unparalleled quality and reliability for all these years now, we have proved that our word is our bond.

Get Your Magic Floor & Carpet Sweeper Now And Clean-Up Any Mess Like A Pro!

CLEAN UP ANY MESS IN A JIFFY: Do you want to be able to clean any mess, anytime, super-fast and easy? Now you can with the Fuller Brush electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper! Perfect for the home, office, garage and more, this ultra-efficient cleaner will make any hardwood, tile, wood, low pile carpet or laminate floor sparkle in just a few seconds! And the best part? It is always ready to use for quick touch ups!
PULLS DIRT, HAIR & DUST LIKE A MAGNET: Thanks to its intelligent, electrostatic design that acts like a magnet as soon as it gets in contact with any surface, this floor sweeper will attract all dirt, crumbs, glass, dust or pet hair instantly. Small and silent with an adjustable handle, it gets into small spaces or under furniture with great ease, allowing for speedy cleaning, even in large areas.
SMALL BUT MIGHTY: What makes this floor sweeper our customers’ favourite? Its small size and long-lasting, indestructible metal housing. What is more, its compact and super lightweight design makes it super easy to carry from one room to the other! Fully portable, it folds in a second and takes up minimal space, so you can conveniently store it in a closet or under the bed.
PRESS, EMPTY, DONE: This powerful sweeper boasts a dual dust bin which is easy to empty in a breeze! All you need to do is press on the ends of the dust bin and everything you have swept will fall out. A special cleaning comb is included to help remove any stuck hair on the bristle brushes. Easy to use in any setting, as it does not require power outlets or batteries, this sweeper is a must have for every home.
TRUST THE EXPERTS & ORDER RISK-FREE: Put your trust in our 114 years of experience and outstanding quality products and make a smart purchase today! Backed by a Risk-Free 3 Year USA Warranty, our team is always ready to help with anything you might need. So what are you waiting for? Get your mini carpet sweeper today before we run out of stock!