Punjab Reduced To Tamasha, Says Arvind Kejriwal On 2-Day Ludhiana Visit

Punjab Reduced To 'Tamasha', Says Arvind Kejriwal On 2-Day Ludhiana Visit

Arvind Kejriwal will be addressing a press conference at 11 am today.


Creating political ground in an already politically heated state of Punjab with the Congress leadership in crisis, the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday embarked on his 2-day visit to Ludhiana.

Upon his arrival at the Chandigarh Airport, he spoke to the media at length where he said, “Whatever is happening in Punjab is very unfortunate. It has been reduced to “tamasha“. People don’t know where to go. The Punjab Chief Minister should fulfill the promises made by Captain Amarinder Singh and act against tainted ministers, MLAs, and officers. The mastermind behind the sacrilege incidents of 2015 should be booked. Only AAP can create a stable govt in Punjab.”

Amid speculation that Bhagwat Mann could be CM face for the AAP, when asked to comment on who the CM face of Punjab will be, he very distinctly remarked, “The CM candidate from Punjab will be someone of your own, someone you will feel proud of.”

Upon arriving in Ludhiana, the Chief Minister was scheduled to meet traders and industrialists at the Park Plaza Hotel. Around 250 participated at the event amid tight security.

At the meeting, the AAP supremo remarked, addressing the industry body, “I am not here to seek your support to help my party, in fact, I am here with a proposal that you be my partner. You make the decisions, you run the government. We will help you implement them.”

Citing that traders in the country have to go through a lot of hassle and adhere to “gunda raj“, Mr Kejriwal said, “What does a trader want? He wants peace. He wants law and order. Punjab is a border state. This state deserves peace and law and order.”

While making promises, a significant one he uttered was, “Aap promises peace, law, and order in Punjab. AAP will stop inspector raj, gunda tax, dhamkibaaz system,” reflecting on the issue of national security.

Today, the second day of his visit, he will be addressing a press conference at 11 am amid what the party calls ‘big announcements’ expected. Will it be announcing a CM face? Will it be a joining of someone new to the party? No one knows, except giving rise to one question – in the Punjab leadership crisis that only seems to be mounting, will the main opposition – the AAP cash in? With AAP benefit from this? Only time will tell.

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