Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich and Juventus open talks with Antonio Rudiger

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Chelsea Defender Antonio Rudiger is out of contract at the end of the season. He’s made more appearances for Chelsea than any other out-field player this season. Ralf Ragnick, Manchester United’s head coach, is also a fan of the defender with personal ties to Rudiger’s brother, who is also his agent.

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  • Real Madrid is his next move

  • Can see him settling into BM OR RM very very well for a very good player like himself.

  • Antonio wants to go, big loss for the Blues

  • He is one of our most important players, we must pay! I think it will massively damage our defence if he leaves

  • I’d love him to stay but if I was him I’d sign for Madrid. They are building an amazing team and he’ll get a pay increase. Fair play to him

  • Only real and psg can afford him and he is a system player.

  • He's not proven in a back two just ask Lamps 😂

  • If rudiger gies to a different club he will be a flop bcs he was the best with tuchel , its bcs tuchel ayed a back three and a back four does not suit rudiger well and most of these clubs play as a back four. And there is no way the team he will go to will change the tactics for he's sake

  • This would be a big blow for chelsea

  • He can come to spurs and not even move house 😃

  • I really hope all these reports about Rüdiger and Dembele to Bayern have no substance at all. Neither of them are worth if you consider the money they think they deserve.

  • LOL Chelsea gonna lose two central defenders on a free.

  • Lol, he’s bang average and clearly a mercenary.

  • He' was a floap last two seasons let him leave

  • The Lord Jesus is coming again…and soon. The signs have been laid out for us all to see, and the time is now to reconcile with God before it's too late. Jesus paid for your sins through His death and resurrection, and if you believe in this and confess His lordship over your life today, you will not regret it. You will receive salvation, in Jesus' name. Don't wait any longer!!!!!!

  • We need 2 central defenders to replace Rudiger.

  • this smacks off bartering for a better contract

  • This news is not at all helpful in what has been a testing few days. As long as Rudiger remains committed to Chelsea's season, leave it at that. As a Chelsea fan, I'm getting peed off over these stories about the players contracts and the other reports being leaked.

    Rudiger since he has been at the club, has been absolutely immense, had a little bit of a shaky start in his first season, but since then he has been one of the central components in the Chelsea defensive unit and his leadership and full commitment cannot be questioned. Because of the Lukaku situation, it has caused a huge amount of derision for the board, etc. Had we not resigned Lukaku in August, we would have given Rudiger, Christensen and Azpilecueta what they were entitled to for all the years of service they have given to the club so far.

    If the Chelsea board fail to sort out the contract situations of all three, we risk losing three of our for, five top class centrebacks to the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona – Barcelona, who are in transition and in a worser mess than we are. If the fans care highly of the great players we have in our ranks, the board must act now and try and reach a settlement that favours both sides. Ripping up Lukaku's contract and devolving the hundred million pounds to the three of them could be a start.

  • Pay him I want him to stay I don’t care if his legal team opened talks he has handed himself like a professional, I say pay him

  • Would be great if he stayed and theres a lot of plus point for him to stay. Chelsea fans love him, manager loves him and our system suits him. I dont think he is as impressive in a back 4 playing in a 2 man CB partnership. All these other clubs mentioned after him play that, so I expect his performances to dip. But I think his main concern is money, so that wont bother him. And I guess you cant begrudge him maxing it out, he believes its his last big contract and I think he is thinking long term providing for his families comfort. Been a great personality on the pitch, adds some fight, which we've lacked since Costa left.

  • Real Madrid don’t want him stop using their name to get attention

  • Don't understand why he's not being given 180-200k. He deserves it.

  • Unfortunately Real Madrid are backing out of this deal

  • Give him what ever he wants he’s one of our best players at the moment and I would say he is in his prime atm cummon chels it would be a foolish to let him go

  • Keep the man …hes been fantastic these last two seasons but better since the start of this one

  • Best performance by Kaveh since he is at Sky!

  • Pay this man what he wants – he earns less than Werner, Haverts, Chilwell, and of all people KEPA. He is one of the most underpaid in the squad, yet has contributed the most. Also, Chelsea should keep an eye on Mendy too – he earns something silly like 60k a week, 3.5 times less than kepa. I love Chelsea, but drama never seems to leave us.

  • 400K p/w for a defender? Find and adapt a young player into the first eleveninstead. It is not acceptable that clubs pay these kind of huge wages. Clubs should have stance for keeping wage balance of the squad.

  • Madrid offering him € 300k per week + bonuses.
    at 28, he won't get a better offer at his age

  • Chelsea should do whatever it needs to keep Tony – for obvious reasons.

  • Players like CHO havertz and Kepa are highly overpaid.

  • Any footballer would dream to play in a stadium like the Santiago Bernabeu San Siro Camp Nou etc etc… And those clubs are top top European clubs.

  • Chelsea is a sinking ship he should definitely leave if real madrid or Bayern come calling

  • He has been the best CB since last year an absolute beast .

  • Let Rudiger go,I don't get the fuse about him staying. Before him we had great CBs and after him we will have a much better CB. Under Sarri he wasn't that good, Lampard he was on the verge of being sold to a lower tier club. This players don't learn from the past, stay where you are treated like a king and valued.There are lots of players who should have stayed where dey were valued but refused they are now regretting Hazard, Coutinho,Bale and a host of others.
    Please let's not destroy our wage structure because of Rudiger he isn't worth it.take the offer you are given and stop being greedy.

  • What is Chelsea board doing????? He only ask for 200k/week.